Who is Tori Amos? Net Worth, and Biography

Myra Ellen Amos, born August 22, 1963, in Newton, North Carolina, is an American vocalist, songwriter, and pianist whose magical sound as well as touching lyrics continue to leave a mark on music history.
REAL NAMEMyra Ellen Amos
BIRTHDATE August 22, 1963
AGEShe is 60 years old.
BIRTHPLACENewton, North Carolina, United States of America
PROFESSIONTori is a singer-songwriter, pianist, and composer.
MARITAL STATUSShe has married Mark Hawley, a sound engineer, since 1998.
HEIGHT5 feet 2 inches (1.57m)
WEIGHT50 kg, 110 lbs
ETHNICITY / RACEShe is of mixed ethnicity, primarily of European descent. She has English, Scottish, and some Native American ancestry, specifically from the Eastern Cherokee tribe.

Income Source

Tori Amos’s income primarily comes from the following sources:

  1. Music Sales and Streaming: Revenue from album sales, streaming services, and digital downloads.
  2. Concert Tours:  Live performance and tour earnings.
  3. Royalties: income is obtained from using the songs in various media outlets like radio, TV, and cinema, among others.
  4. Merchandising:  sales of apparel along with other merchandise relating to her music and brand.
  5. Publishing: Earnings from songwriting and publishing rights.
  6. Other Ventures: Occasional income from acting, producing, and other creative endeavors.

Net Worth

12024$60 million 
22023$60 million 
32022$57 million 
42021$55 million 
52020$52 million 

Family and Relationships


  • Mark Hawley: Tori Amos has married Mark Hawley, a British sound engineer, since 1998.



  • Mary Ellen Copeland: Tori’s mother, of mixed European and Cherokee descent.
  • Edison Amos: Tori’s father, a Methodist minister of English and Scottish descent.


A lot of the time, Tori Amos will treat subjects revolving around her family or personal life as a source of inspiration in her music, which demonstrates the extent of how dedicated she is to her loved ones.

Career and Awards

Career Highlights:

  1. Early Years:  At the beginning of her music career, Tori Amos (born Myra Ellen Amos) started at quite a young age. She then studied the piano at the Peabody Institute of Johns Hopkins University (she was only five at the time), and then she studied music arrangements at the Westlake School of Music in Los Angeles.
  2. The 1980s: In the late 1980s, he founded the band Y Kant Tori Read, and by producing one album, she jumped into her solo career.
  3. Solo Career: 
  4. Successive Albums: 
  5. Concerts and Tours: 

Notable Awards and Recognitions:

  1. Grammy Nominations: For many years, Tory Amos received nominations from the Grammys in a total of several specific categories: the Album of the Year category and the category of Best Female Rock Vocal Performance.
  2. MTV Video Music Award: She was the winner of the MTV award that year for the best art direction for the song “Raspberry Swirl” (1999).
  3. Other Awards: Amos has received several more honors, citations, and plaudits for her music and advocacy, including mentions in music periodicals and LGBTQ+ groups.
  4. Cultural Impact: The culture of Amos is another source of influence. She is a member of that category of musicians who combine classical, pop, and alternative rock under one roof.

Tori Amos is considered a powerful figure in the music business today, highly regarded for her innovative songwriting, emotional exhibitions, and unridden artistic imagination.

Miss Tori Amos Songs.

Song TitleRelease Date
Silent All These Years1991
Cornflake Girl1994
Raspberry Swirl1998
A Sorta Fairytale2002
Professional Widow1996
Precious Things1992
Jackie’s Strength1998
Caught a Lite Sneeze1996
Hey Jupiter1996
Me and a Gun1991
Pretty Good Year1994
Little Earthquakes1992
Sleeps with Butterflies2005

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