Who is Neil Armstrong? Net Worth, Age, Height, and Profession

Armstrong was honored and awarded throughout his career for his contributions to the space sector, particularly aeronautics. He was quiet and once said that after being an astronaut, he became a teacher and lecturer, teaching about the Apollo missions.

REAL NAMENeil Alden Armstrong
BIRTHDATE August 5, 1930
AGE82 (passed away on August 25, 2012)
BIRTHPLACEWapakoneta, Ohio, USA
PROFESSIONAstronaut, Aeronautical Engineer, Naval Aviator, Test Pilot, and University Professor
MARITAL STATUSMarried (first to Janet Shearon from 1956 to 1994, then to Carol Held Knight from 1994 until his death)
HEIGHTApproximately 5 feet, 11 inches (180 cm)
WEIGHTApproximately 165 pounds (75 kg)

Career, Lifestyle, and Income Source

12012$8 million
22011$8 million
32010$8 million
42009$8 million
52008$8 million

Family and Relationships of Neil Armstrong

  1. Parents:
    • Father: Stephen Koenig Armstrong, a state auditor.
    • Mother: Viola Louise Engel.
  2. Siblings:
    • Neil had a younger brother, Dean Armstrong, and a younger sister, June Armstrong.
  3. Marriages and Children:
    • First Marriage: Janet Elizabeth Shearon
      • Marriage Duration: January 28, 1956 – 1994
      • Children:
        • Eric “Rick” Armstrong: Born in 1957, Rick is an accomplished software engineer and has followed a path somewhat outside the public eye.
        • Karen “Muffie” Armstrong: Born in 1959, Karen tragically passed away from complications related to a brain tumor in 1962.
        • Mark Armstrong: Mark, born in 1963, worked in software engineering and worked on his father’s legacy projects.
    • Second Marriage: Carol Held Knight
      • Marriage Duration: June 12, 1994 – August 25, 2012 (until Neil’s death)
      • Carol and Neil did not have children together, but Carol had two children from her previous marriage.


Neil Armstrong appears to have had several significant interactions during his lifetime, but one could gather that he remained a devoted husband and father who could effectively manage a highly decorated military as well as an astronaut career.

  1. Janet Shearon Armstrong:
  2. Carol Held Knight Armstrong:
  3. Children:

Neil Armstrong is world-famous and world-class, yet he has retained his humanity. Despite his personal and financial struggles, he still befriends his father, showing his strength.

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