Who is Jesse Jackson? Net Worth, Career, and Biography

Jesse Louis Jackson Sr. is an outstanding American civil rights activist, minister, and baby-kisser. Born on October 8, 1941, in Greenville, South Carolina, Jackson grew up in a time of excessive racial segregation and discrimination within the United States. His early experiences with racism and inequality would form his lifelong commitment to social justice and equality.

Jackson gained national fame in the 1960s as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s lieutenant during the Civil Rights Movement. He helped organize protests, marches, and voter registration drives to fight racial injustice and ensure African Americans’ rights.

He created Chicago-based Operation PUSH (People United to Save Humanity) in 1971 to empower people financially and socially. Jackson suggested affirmative action, access to quality training, and financial opportunities for marginalized communities through PUSH.

Jackson has championed poverty reduction, healthcare reform, and international diplomacy throughout his career. He was the first African American to effectively run for president in 1984 and 1988 as a Democratic Party nominee.

A leading figure in American politics and civil rights activity, Jesse Jackson continues to speak out about racial equality, economic justice, and human rights worldwide.

REAL NAMEJesse Louis Burns
BIRTHDATE October 8, 1941
AGEHe is 82 years old
BIRTHPLACEGreenville, South Carolina
MARITAL STATUS Jacqueline Lavinia Brown Jackson.
ChildrenHe has 5 children (Santita Jackson, Jesse Jackson Jr., Jacqueline Lavinia Jackson, Yusef DuBois Jackson, and Jonathan Luther Jackson).
HEIGHT6 feet 3 inches (1.90m)
ETHNICITY / RACEJesse’s is African American

Income Source and Net Worth

Jesse Jackson’s primary earnings assets have historically blanketed his paintings as a civil rights activist, minister, public speaker, and writer. Operation PUSH (People United to Save Humanity) and other business initiatives have garnered him money.

As for his net worth, it is tough to offer him a genuine parent without access to updated economic statistics. Jesse’s internet well-being is estimated to be in the millions due to his long career in civil rights advocacy, speaking, and other pursuits.

12024$10 million
22023$10 million
32022$9 million
42021$9 million
52020$9 million

Early life career and achievements.

Jesse Louis Jackson Sr. was born on October eight, 1941, in Greenville, South Carolina, USA. He grew up in a time of deep racial segregation and discrimination within the United States, experiencing firsthand the injustices faced by African Americans inside the South.


  • Civil Rights Activism: Jackson worked closely with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. throughout the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s. He joined many anti-racism protests, marches, and voter registration initiatives.
  • Operation PUSH: In 1971, Jackson founded Operation PUSH (People United to Save Humanity) in Chicago. The organization endorsed economic empowerment, social justice, and the same opportunities for marginalized groups.
  • Presidential Campaigns: Jackson ran for president twice as a candidate for the Democratic Party nomination, in 1984 and 1988. His campaigns targeted on troubles of social justice, monetary equality, and civil rights.
  • Public Speaking:  Jackson is known for his passionate talks on racial rights, social justice, and international relations.

Awards and Recognition

Jesse Jackson has received numerous awards and honors for his contributions to civil rights and social justice, which include:

  • The Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation’s maximum civilian honor, was presented by way of President Bill Clinton in 2000.
  • His tremendous civil rights achievements earned him the NAACP’s highest honor, the Spingarn Medal.
  • Honorary degrees from several universities, acknowledging his lifelong dedication to equality and justice.

Family and Relationships

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